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Our Advantage

An unwavering commitment and dedication to our customers and their success.

Not restricted by size, shape, gauge or type of tube.

Capable of holding tight tolerances

What we do

ISO 9001:2015 certified production supplier of cut to length tubing

Production pierced, notched, 5 axis laser cutting and CNC cut tubing

Value added processes include tube bending, milling, small stampings, welding and prototypes

Why choose us?

Years of tube fabrication and precision machining experience to provide superior solutions by design

We help our clients design performance, reliability and cost savings into their parts

  Multiple customer awards for quality and delivery

Our #1 Asset... Our Employees.
We Are Completely Dedicated To Maintaining Their Well-Being.

Roden Manufacturing is genuinely interested in the ongoing health and safety of all its employees. Compliance with legislation and the protection of employees from injury and occupational disease is a continuing concern. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment through daily implementation and annual review of our health and safety program.

Roden Manufacturing received a score 100% on the WSIB/CSPAAT Workwell Health and Safety Audit in August of 2008.

"Overall your firm scored a total of 930 out of a possible 930 or 100%. Congratulations, this score indicates that a formalized health and safety program exists. I compliment you and your staff on the positive actions you have taken to help prevent workplace injuries and illness........It was apparent to me from meeting each of your firm's management members, administration personnel and day shift production employees that all have been actively involved in building, training and implementing your firm's health and safety program. This is evident in your firm's Workwell score. I wish to mention your firm's impeccable housekeeping efforts, good work and continued success."

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